Capital Campaign Committee / Valerie Ghoussaini

Valerie Ghoussaini

Valerie Ghoussaini is a visual artist specializing in the fine art of painting. Her paintings are collected throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Japan and South America as well as the USA. In 2015 and 2017 she was featured at the Venice Biennale through the European Cultural Center. Her 2017 series, Women of Power and Interest was accompanied by a durational performance art piece, inspired by her work, for the opening nights of the Biennale.

Valerie was also commissioned by the Greater Naples Leadership Organization to paint a sculpted turtle which now resides in the Naples, Florida Zoo as part of the permanent collection. One of her paintings from her Days at the Beach Series is part of public art in Pompano Beach, Florida. Her painting Blue Girl hangs in the African art wing of the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art.

Valerie has also worked as a curator producing over 10 pop up gallery shows in Florida and France. Her clothing line is featured on an online website that produces textiles designed by artists and created by artisans in under developed countries. All proceeds from her artwork sales benefit charitable organizations.

She was President of the American Women’s Club of the Taunus in Frankfurt, Germany in 2002-2004, it was one of the largest women’s clubs in Europe with over 1,000 members and well known for their philanthropic work, as well as their association with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

She is on the board of NaplesArt here in Naples, Florida and also on the viewing committee for the Naples International Film Festival.